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OYE! Avant-Garde Night is an annual festival devoted to the development of new performances by artists from Bushwick and surrounding areas. Brooklyn Gypsies created OYE! as a platform to celebrate and share what is unique about Bushwick’s converging arts communities. Join us for a night of eclectic theater, dance & film, including a reasonable daydream of the fall of nations, Patti Smith, and other cannibals and the story of a Broken Bachelor. Performances followed by music, conversation, food and dancing.

OYE! Avant Garde Night  features Actors, and musicians, including Jake Denney, Arisleyda Dilone, James Zebooker, AR Garcia, Nick E. Finn & Tabitha Vidaurri and Felix Gottdiener

Produced by Brooklyn Gypsies, OYE! Avant Garde Night is curated by Modesto Flako Jimenez, Lighting & Tech by Jay Maury & Dan Kent, Technical assistant Kevin Torres & Daniel Broadhurst.

Oye! Avant-garde night 2015 is TWO NIGHTS ONLY!
June 5-6 8pm at the Bushwick Starr Theatre

tickets at thebushwickstarr.org or brooklyngypsies.org

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